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Sid Meier's Pirates (the "newer" version), Steam version. 7/10

Fun game, reminds me a lot of an old game i own; Sea legends, in the way the controls works.. for pretty much everything.
Bombarding stuff is fun, pillaging is fun. Romancing isnt much fun, sailling against the wind is slow as hell, exploration is tedious. Town sackings were not fun, i wish i could bombard the place up before invading.
Ship models are well done, i could recognize all ships (since Sea Legends was good in that too) so i knew that galions were worthless and frigates good all-rounders.
The game is all about keeping your crew happy by getting lots and LOTS of gold, and trying not to get hit often in the (countless) duels you fight, so you live longer in better health.
Ships and stuff like that are a secondary goal, its easy to get good ships in the game, very easy to fully upgrade them.
I just wish i just could sail away, DESTROYING everything in my path, and have the crew stay happy.
Or be part of some larger sea battles, rather than duels or 2v1.
But after a while, the game bugged on me, the numpad wouldnt stay on in battles, so it crippled the game.
Fun, but ultimately, limited. Could have been better.

Stalker SOC, with Oblivion Lost mod. Steam version too 7.5/10, 8/10 with mods.

Its stalker, the way it should have been from the beggining. Its very fun, kind of scary. With mod on, its even better. I played on maximum difficulty, it isnt very hard even there, you (just like everything) drop dead fast.. well, the mutants dont follow that rule but its okay, we dont expect them to.
A fun game. Didnt do any artifact-transfomation however, when i got my first recipes i just go rid of nearly all of my surplus loot (to get one of the best gun, the FN2000 i think), and i didnt feel like hunting for more. But the possibilities seemed very interesting.
STALKER is a good game, with mod, even better.

Okami (wii) 9.5/10

My favorite game.
I was very pleased when i recently managed to find that game. Even more when i played it, its very, very fun. A LOT of content. Too much to talk about it all.
Much better than any zelda/metroid whatever i got so far. The game look a lot like zelda in the way its structured and in the gameplay, but at least the fields are not vast empty, uninteresting places of boredom. At worst, they are pretty and colorfull to look at.
Never lost a life so far, even tought the fights are much harder in this game (nearly died several times, endboss and last "ninetail" fight was much harder than i anticipated) , we have so many ressources i dont see how someone can see the game over screen without doing it on purpose.
Lots of "tragedy", exploration, combat, saving countless people and stuff.
different weapons to choose from, you can combine them to get different effects. You can also upgrade them to get extra damage or get skills that improve you fighting capabilities.

Disks are all-rounders that can fight well both while airborne and on the ground, but limited range, medium combo lenght. They are shields when equiped as secondaries.
Rosaries are best used against groups of ennemies. Massive reach but weak damage (but attack so fast its not an issue), they can be used while airborne but they arent effective at all. As secondary weapons they are either accurate bullet spammer or shoot a powerfull shotgun-like blast of bullets.
Swords are massive damage dealers, can only swing when on the ground, good against bosses.. i guess. THe Wii controls for the swords are hard to control and, for me, it keeps trying to charge up the sword for a power hit when im swinging like mad. So i never, ever use them.

I personally prefer to use a main disk, with rosary secondary (bullet, not shotgun). That way i can fight while in the air more effectively, staying out of reach of the lesser ennemies, and im using the bullets to seek weaknesses in the ennemy.

Music is awesome.

(most) Boss battles are fun. Brush powers are very fun. My favorite boss is Ninetails. The final boss is also fun.. hes brutal, he do massive damage if your not carefull, there is always stuff to do.
Beated the game today, and after a bit of looking around on the net, i saw that i actually forgot a lot of techniques, and many secrets brush techs. Seem to have good replay value.

My only problems with the game are some elements of the scenario. Especially just how we are forced to take "we are too dumb to live" path or the game pulls a "deux ex machina" to put up some challenge/plot device, and to keep the game going. Thank god it doesnt happen all the time.

Like how Amaterasu (our character) give a priceless, extremely, massively evil artifact to some doubtfull individual for no reason whatsoever (when we worked our asses to get it in the first place), only to see it falls into the hand/claws of the ennemy litteraly moments later, and we knew he was seeking it.
Also, i hated how the game designers made Wakka (some prophet guy that keeps getting in your way for no other reasons than he can) steal our stuff/glory/fun all the time, just to keep the stuff going in a predictable fashion.
If i had it my way i would have made "furball" snap his neck, then burn his remains in toxic waste at the second battle with him. Its just how useless he is IMHO. The sequence with him at the end is so.. well.. it made sense from Wakka's point of view, but we dont care, for all we know he is making it all up as he goes, since he got nothing to back it up and all he did with us was betrayals and backstabings. He turn from annoyance to "im an important character, please feel sorry for me" at the end.
And another gripe; we fight one particuliar boss THREE TIMES in the game (orochi), he never really change between the iterations. And battle against that boss takes forever to be done... also, hes hopelessly pathetic in combat. A shame, really, since he is pivotal to the story.

Last one; not about scenario. The only thing i HATED, were the digging minigames. Damn them all to hell.
Oh yeah, a small anoyance; you can, sometimes, get more or less stalled by cutscenes. Like walk/cutscene/walk/cutscene ect. YOu get the picture. It doesnt happen too often.

Otherwise, i found the scenario refreshing. I mean, people DIES (horribly) trying to help you, and the big bads are shown making smart decisions. The conflicting dramatical tones were also.. somewhat interesting... ex: big, serious, dramatic scene, broken with some goofy comment about "cleavage" or some comical thing like that. That makes one fun experience where i was often suprised at how the game does and does not take itself seriously.

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